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EmuTOS-Snapshots: 512KB ROM splitted, new 1MB ROM (18.03.2021 - 21:41 Uhr)

The snapshots of the free operating system EmuTOS indicate the direction of development. For the 512KB ROM - multilingual in the Falcon - this means: giving up multilingualism. This is for good reasons.

Responsible for this is actually a welcome development: EmuTOS is available in more and more languages, among them recently a Turkish translation. Compared to the Falcon TOS there are three times more languages to choose from - and at this point even the 512KB ROM reaches its capacity limit.

Through the now implemented splitting, there is again about 200KB free space in the ROM. But there was also a ROM released with all languages, which weighs a whole megabyte. Atari itself has not built such a ROM size into any ST. The EmuTOS team points out in the readme that the 1MB version cannot be used by Atari hardware and is currently only compatible with Hatari.

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