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ST-Computer is a specialised magazine for Atari ST users and was first published in early 1986, shortly after the launch of the Atari ST. It was thus the first professional magazine purely specialized on the ST. ST owners were provided with news, tests, listings, and tutorials. The publishing company also expanded into software distribution and launched the S series, one of the largest PD series in the world of Atari. At the heyday of the Atari market, a six-figure circulation was achieved.

Over the years, various Atari products were reviewed in the magazine, including the Mega ST, Atari's CD-ROM drive (both 1987), the Atari Transputer Workstation, STacy, STE, TT and finally the Falcon. In the Relax section, ST-Computer also reviewed current games. When game developers cut support for the ST, Atari Jaguar games were featured.

Because of its importance in the Atari market, the magazine survived the year 1993, when many major magazines were discontinued. Thus the articles of the ST computers also showed the rise of the Internet and the short boom of the CD-ROM. In 1996 the editorial staff finally moved from Maxon to Falke Verlag, which continued the magazine under the double title "ST-Computer/Atari Inside" and later just ST-Computer.

It was not until 2004 that the last issue was published, now only a 16-page supplement. Ten years later, the magazine was reactivated - first as an interactive eBook for the iPad, then finally as a magazine in PDF format, with a print version in a very small print run. Since there is no advertising or sponsoring in ST-Computer, the magazine is printed exclusively for pre-orders. So far 17 issues and one special issue have been published in this way. Each issue has between 44 and 48 pages and covers the Atari ST family, the Lynx, the VCS consoles and the Jaguar. Selected articles from ST-Computer were also published in RETURN magazine.

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